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"We are excited and humbled to have been reaccredited by the EAGLE Accreditation Commission for a fourth consecutive term.  Wesley Woods Senior Living has always measured its ministry of services to external standards to assure our residents, families, the church and other stakeholders that we are meeting the highest standards possible.  The EAGLE reaccreditation affirms the caring, compassionate and committed work that our staff strive for each day to fulfill our mission of helping people age with grace." 

                                           -Kenneth Weber, CEO and President of Wesley Woods Senior Living

Wesley Woods Senior Living is accredited through the Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence (EAGLE), an accreditation process of the United Methodist Association Health and Welfare Ministries.  The program is a unique approach designed to inspire and recognize excellence in Christian service.  When implemented well, it enables organizations to soar like its namesake to new heights of quality and distinction.


EAGLE accreditation distinctively incorporates organizational self-study and verification, by a

team of trained reviewers with mandatory participation by the organization's governing body.

These elements provide guided opportunities for trustees to re-examine and reassess every aspect

of their organization's purpose, structure, covenants and operation.


The EAGLE accreditation process design is intentionally based on the foundation of Christian

service. It expects the spiritual and physical needs of those receiving care to be met in a holistic

manner, and that a formal relationship document be negotiated and officially executed between

the organization and its faith-based judicatory(ies).


Attaining EAGLE accreditation is a distinct accomplishment that means special acclaim. Yet, the

greatest value for the participating organization may not be in the final recognition of EAGLE

achievement, so much as in the understandings, insights and camaraderie that occur during the

actual pursuit of accreditation. During this time, trustees, staff and volunteers become acutely

aware of the importance of their professional contributions and personal commitments to the

achievement of excellence and expression of their organization's values through quality service.


Wesley Woods Senior Living's retirement communities have been accredited by EAGLE since 1995.

For more information about Eagle accreditation please click here.

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