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View Your Own Time!

Here are some simple steps to review your time each pay period to make sure you are properly punching in and out every day (Exempt employees only need to punch in 1X per day) and to ensure your check will be correct regarding hours, overtime, etc.

Follow these easy steps to review your timekeeping each week.  In order to do this, you will need your Emory ID Number and your Kronos Timekeeping number.  Both these numbers are used to review your paycheck through Piggy Bank on the WWSL Website.

1) Click on the Kronos link to go to the Emory Website 

2) Once at the Website, you will be asked to put in your Emory Number (this usually starts with an "N") and Password (same password you use for the Piggy Bank to view your paycheck)

3) A new screen will appear and ask you for your Kronos timekeeping number (add extra "0's" to make 9 digits)

4) Put in the pay period that you want to view (make sure you put in the date as requested on the screen, mm/dd/yyyy).  This should bring up your time for that pay period.  If there are any errors or if you are missing time, please consult your supervisor or timekeeper.

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